Choose agility and autonomy

to realize your boldest ambitions!

Programmatic requires substantial technical expertise

Digital advertising is an exciting but fast-moving field, requiring a great deal of technical expertise. The sheer number of players involved, their complexity and the amount of information to be processed can make it difficult to keep projects moving forward.

Choose a Plug & Play solution

Rapid integration and easy navigation free up the time of technical teams, and increase the productivity of programmatic managers.
The latter can easily add and remove AdTech partners thanks to pre-programmed fields. This also facilitates test & learn logic.

Make informed decisions

Clients have access to a comprehensive dashboard that provides real-time results, empowering them to autonomously make quick and highly relevant decisions. This improves their efficiency and effectiveness in overseeing campaigns and strategies.

Exchange within the cloud

It’s sometimes difficult to integrate certain tools due to the complexity of technologies and interoperability protocols. The Nexx360 platform facilitates this task by bringing together all players (monetization, IDs, datas, etc.) in the same place, acting as a true multi-plug.

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