Choose a transparent solution and take back the reins of your business !

Programmatics in search of clarity

Financial flows within the programmatic value chain are often opaque, leading to confusion and frustration on many levels.

Control your programmatic activity and reduce risk

By choosing European technology exclusively for the provision of a high-performance platform, players in the programmatic chain can exercise total control over their programmatic operations.

Transparent collaboration

To ensure maximum objectivity and optimal results for all parties, it’s important to work with unbiased companies. Nexx360 derives its revenues solely from its cloud platform and does not act as an SSP, DSP, AdServer, etc.


Reduce your dependence

A monopoly market presents many dangers: a loss of value for publishers, a lack of incentive to innovate or respond effectively to consumer needs, but also anti-competitive practices that can stifle healthy market competition.

Protect your data

Hosting personal data within European data centers offers numerous guarantees: regulatory compliance, security, confidentiality but also protection of users’ rights. Maximum protection is ensured thanks to these data centers.


They trust us!

We have been working for several years to optimize our advertising stack. In this context, we appreciate being able to test innovative and disruptive technologies. After several months of testing and iterations of Nexx360 Programmatic Cloud, we have seen impressive results in terms of display speed, yield, and ecological impact. We are delighted to continue this collaboration [ ... ] with the addition of new features while retaining control and independence with our wrapper.

Maxime MESMIN Partner Manager

'We have observed an increase in revenues on almost all SSPs, some of which are very significant: for two of our partners we increased revenues by almost nearly 50%.'

Kevin GIOT Head of Programmatic

'Very impressive server performance in terms of speed, efficiency, energy impact, and ecological footprint! Everything is interconnected.'


'Nexx360 seemed to us to be the right answer for reconciling growth in our programmatic CPMs with maintaining or even optimizing our web performance [ ... ].'

Groupe Sud-Ouest

'For the weight of a single partner, you can connect to dozens of platforms. This allows us to accentuate competition while limiting the impact on web performance.'

Kevin GIOT Head of Programmatic

'Nexx360 is a start-up: we can talk to them on a daily basis, unlike the Gafam platforms which are much less flexible technically [ ... ].'

Maxime MESMIN Partner Manager

'Nexx360 makes it very easy and risk-free to add partners and test them because [ ... ] there is no impact on the performance of our sites [ ... ].'

Groupe Sud-Ouest

'Nexx360 also has the great advantage of not offering a monetization solution, unlike the Gafams.'

Kevin GIOT Head of Programmatic

'We're stepping up our server-side integrations with Nexx360, which will be our source of integration with compatible SSPs, to prepare for our future in an ecosystem without third-party cookies.'

Maxime MESMIN Partner Manager

'It's a solution that represents [ ... ] in a way, the future. It's the new generation of header bidding solutions.'

Groupe Sud-Ouest

'We have better CPMs [ ... ] which is not insignificant considering our volumes.'

Maxime MESMIN Partner Manager

'When we multiply the sources of demand for the same SSP platform, for example, by connecting it to both client-side and server-side and in the server-side to multiple providers (TAM, Google, Nexx360, etc.), we do not observe cannibalization or negative effects. On the contrary, these integrations increase uplift because we accentuate the competition.'

Kevin GIOT Head of Programmatic

'We rapidly accelerated the integration of new partners over a relatively short period: we had 6/7 partners a few months ago, and we've increased to over twenty in a year. Nexx360 allows me to add and test partners very easily and without risks.'

Groupe Sud-Ouest