Nexx360 Launches Europe's First Programmatic Cloud

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Nexx360 introduces its European Programmatic Cloud, revolutionizing the landscape of digital advertising. This Auction House empowers programmatic players to overcome traditional header bidding obstacles, maximizing yield without compromising webpage loading speeds while reducing their carbon footprint. Several renowned European media brands are already benefiting from this innovative service.

Founded in 2020 by Gabriel Chicoye and André Baden Semper, Nexx360 started off with 2 years of research and development. Indeed, this solution combines high-performance infrastructure with a range of services to optimize publishers ‘advertising stacks’ connection with all their partners.

Several European sites have already implemented it. For instance, Prisma Media has deployed it across all its proprietary sites in France (Téléloisirs, Femme Actuelle, Voici, Gala, etc.).

“We have been working for several years to optimize our advertising stack. In this context, we appreciate being able to test innovative and disruptive technologies. After several months of testing and iterations of Nexx360 Programmatic Cloud, we have seen impressive results in terms of display speed, yield, and ecological impact. We are delighted to continue this collaboration in 2023 with the addition of new features while retaining control and independence with our wrapper.”

Maxime MESMIN, Partner Manager at Prisma Media

For Nexx360's clients, notable achievements include:

  • Ad loading speed three times higher than the average.
  • Up to 30% additional visibility (depending on locations).
  • A 28% increase in auction density.
  • Simultaneously, the utilized bandwidth is drastically reduced, leading to a proportional decrease in the advertising stack’s carbon footprint.

Loading speed is crucial for delivering a smooth user experience on the web and maintaining strong SEO positions, as it is one of the criteria of Google’s Core Web Vitals introduced in 2020. However, to reduce latency effects, publishers and other programmatic players often reduce the number of integrated Sell Side Platforms (SSP) in the competition. This strategy, however, diminishes competition and, therefore, the opportunities to sell at the best price.

“Current client-side solutions do not provide the flexibility and efficiency needed to address the market’s new technological challenges. Nexx360 is a truly holistic infrastructure that allows each company to maximize its connections with all its partners and for all its formats. The programmatic cloud is the choice for a transparent, responsible, and sovereign technological future in an increasingly complex and monolithic digital world.”

André Baden Semper, Co-founder of Nexx360

Reducing the carbon footprint of programmatic flows

Nexx360 Programmatic Cloud aligns with an overall approach to reduce the environmental impact of the advertising market by being integrated server-side rather than client-side. In the client-side approach, bid processing occurs in the user’s device browser. However, 80% of browsing is now done on mobile, mostly via 3G/4G, which is 5 to 20 times more energy-consuming than ADSL or fiber. In contrast, in the server-side approach, the processing of programmatic requests is offloaded to specific servers.

To prove its ability to reduce the carbon footprint, Nexx360 developed a tool to measure the number of calls and the volume of bytes for each advertising opportunity on a page. This tool reveals that actors implementing their solution reduce their bandwidth consumption by an average of 94% and their number of advertising requests by 78%.

Transparency, control, and simplified management

Nexx360’s clients can transparently track all elements constituting their advertising ecosystem, gradually reappropriating their value chain. The SaaS solution offers plug-and-play implementation and significant adaptability. Connecting to new partners can be done in a click independently on the console. Client companies can also rely on Nexx360’s team support.

“Nexx360 Programmatic Cloud addresses the main challenges of online advertising: firstly, because Nexx360 is entirely agnostic, allowing programmatic players to gain sovereignty and transparency. Secondly, because our servers are located in Europe to preserve data confidentiality. Finally, Nexx360 Programmatic Cloud’s open API can integrate all available solutions and strategies to prepare for a world without third-party cookies.”

Gabriel Chicoye, Co-founder of Nexx360

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