The trusted third party to support the programmatic evolution of online content publishers

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In 2023, the media specializing in AdTech topics have repeatedly pointed the finger at the risks associated with structuring the programmatic revenue market. At issue: dependence on old technologies (cookies, for example), the complexity of value chains and the criteria for measuring campaigns, and therefore the perception of their performance.

These issues are further exacerbated by the increasing centralization of the technology platforms involved in the programmatic process. These unified entities act simultaneously on both the supply and demand sides, and impose their own rules, raising questions about the impartiality of transactions.

Between opacity and centralization, publishers are wondering about the fairness of their remuneration and the right price allocated to their advertising space. Today, how can these players maximize their Yield while gaining greater control and visibility over the marketing of their inventories? How can they prepare for all the new technologies and purchasing methods used by advertisers?

Nexx360: a complete, agnostic solution

Nexx360’s server-side programmatic platform is the answer to these challenges. Nexx360 does not sell any inventory, nor does it enter into any agreement that favors one player in the programmatic chain over another. This neutrality makes Nexx360 a trusted third party with no conflicts of interest, acting on behalf of publishers to optimize the performance of their monetization partners.

A true ally of publishers, the server-side platform enables them to retain total control over the marketing of their inventories. Publishers can configure the SSPs (Supply-Side Platforms) with which they are connected, even if these are specialized or local SSPs. This flexibility enables them to adapt quickly to market developments, particularly those of players proposing new approaches or merging several technologies. It also facilitates collaboration with technology partners (CDPs, DMPs, IDs, SSPs, measurement tools, etc.) to maximize the value they deliver.

Maximizing yield through better understanding

Nexx360 enables publishers not only to maximize their yield, but also to better understand their business situation. They can monitor the performance of their inventories in real time, and identify value-creating opportunities through dashboards customized to their unique needs. Nexx360 customers rely on this transparency to make informed decisions, manage their strategies more effectively and increase the value of all their partners.

In an ever-changing digital landscape, online content publishers need innovative solutions to stay competitive. Nexx360 is positioned as a reliable technology partner, offering publishers the flexibility, transparency and neutrality they need to thrive in this constantly changing environment.

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