Discover the vision of various experts in the field, including Nexx360, on the transformations of the sector.

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The renowned AdTech media mind Media asked several experienced professionals from the ad tech industry (Criteo, Equativ, Weborama, Ogury, DoubleVerify, etc.) for their perspective given the major changes the market is experiencing.

“We have several priorities for 2024. First, to continue the transformation of publishers’ advertising #stack: to face the challenges of the advertising market, publishers need to #transform from a commercial and technological perspective. This has had and will continue to have a positive impact on the design of their ad stack.

For example, this year publishers might turn more massively to #serverbidding solutions that allow them to maximize their yield and gain more #control, #efficiency, and #transparency in monetizing their inventories.

The second challenge that seems important to us in 2024 is the #video format, which retained advertisers’ favor in 2023. To meet this demand, publishers will work this year to increase their quality video inventories and seek to rely on marketing technologies that allow them to optimize their #yield by putting partners and ad servers on an equal footing, while avoiding latency effects and the technical complexities of historical solutions.

Finally, the issue of responsibility is advancing. #Environmental concerns are starting to be considered by publishers. New technologies like #throttling should develop more widely this year. Our conviction is that this practice, which consists of reducing unnecessary advertising calls, allows reconciling the reduction of energy consumption and business.”

André Baden-Semper, CEO, and co-founder of Nexx360

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