Adzine interview: Nexx360 revolutionizes programmatic advertising with a cloud-based, transparent approach

Reading time : 2 minutes

Discover the exclusive interview of André BADEN SEMPER in the specialized adTech media Adzine. He describes the Nexx360 cloud platform and the various advantages it offers programmatic players: 

  • Using the cloud for greater efficiency: minimizing the bandwidth required for data exchange reduces loading times, improving web performance and SEO.       
  • The use of Nexx360 to respond to market evolutions (privacy, targeting, IDs, etc.) with greater control and transparency.   
  • Using Nexx360 to reduce carbon footprint: in addition to reducing bandwidth usage, the solution also enables publishers to filter out bids that don’t generate revenue (bid throttling).      
  • The future of SSPs: according to André Baden-Semper, they are moving towards convergence with DSPs, creating “programmatic-direct platforms”.

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