Nexx360 featured in New Digital Age's news Roundup.

Reading time : 3 minutes

New Digital Age presents various noteworthy developments in the advertising industry, highlighting some strategic partnerships and industry innovations. Among these developments, New Digital Age shares the recent expansion of Nexx360 in the UK, exposing publishers to this innovative approach to server-side programmatic advertising technology. The solution enables publishers to increase revenues, improve the user experience on their websites, and reduce their carbon footprint. Aligning business performance with today’s environmental responsibility. 

This approach offers an effective alternative to client-side advertising exchanges, which are sometimes criticized for slowing website performance and compromising the user experience due to excessive bandwidth demand. The Nexx360 solution ensures minimal bandwidth for server-side transactions, enabling seamless integration of an unlimited number of SSP partners to maximize revenues without affecting page load speeds.

In addition to optimizing monetization and user experience, Nexx360 Programmatic Cloud integrates throttling functionality, enabling publishers to streamline requests themselves to focus on those with revenue-generating potential only. This not only reduces advertising waste, but also reduces the carbon footprint of each website.

Nexx360’s inclusion in the New Digital Age article is testament to Nexx360’s impact in the programmatic sector and its commitment to providing advertising solutions that meet publishers’ needs.

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