For a transparent, responsible, and sovereign technological future

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As the rules of major platforms, especially non-European ones, predominantly shape the web, the debate on digital sovereignty from a state perspective is regularly reignited. Recent European regulations such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), DMA (Digital Marketing Act), and DSA (Digital Services Act) partially address these issues, empowering administrations and citizens on data privacy, illegal content, and abuse of dominant positions. 

On the corporate side, transformation is slower as it can be complex and costly to change technologies and operational modes. However, new players emerge each year to offer solutions in cloud computing, data management, business tracking, or advertising.

In the digital advertising sector, the technical architectures on the supply (publishers) and demand (advertisers) sides are still largely governed by North American giants. Exchanges between various partners in the programmatic chain, especially since the advent of server-side Header Bidding, are still dominated by non-European open-source environments that lack transparency and prioritize their interests.

It is in this context that Nexx360 Programmatic Cloud was born, a solution developed in France by French engineers. This Auction House brings together high-performance infrastructure and a range of services to enable various players in the programmatic chain (such as publishers, agencies, and technological partners) to collaborate in the cloud, on the server-side. Publishers can control the content of each of their ad requests, without any actor being unduly favored. Totally agnostic, Nexx360 Programmatic Cloud allows programmatic players to gain sovereignty and transparency. Finally, the servers used by Nexx360 are based in Europe, preserving data confidentiality according to European standards.


 “Current client-side solutions do not provide the flexibility and efficiency needed to meet the new technological challenges of the market. Nexx360 is a truly holistic infrastructure allowing each company to maximize its connections with all its partners and for all its formats. Programmatic cloud is the choice of a European technological future, transparent, responsible, and sovereign, in an increasingly complex and monolithic digital world.”

André Baden Semper, co-founder of Nexx360


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