Nexx360: server-side enables SEO-friendly programmatic

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Header bidding quickly gained popularity among publishers who, to make the most of it, connect to various SSPs with the goal of selling their inventory at the best price. However, these solutions are mostly integrated on the client-side, meaning that auctions take place in the user’s browser. The proliferation of ad calls on devices can significantly impact ad loading speed, user experience, and consequently, publisher revenues. To address this issue, many publishers choose to reduce the number of SSP partners. However, this strategy reduces competition and, consequently, opportunities to sell at the best price.

To reconcile header bidding and user experience (UX), Nexx360 offers a programmatic solution in the cloud (server-side) that allows publishers to maximize yield without slowing down web page loading—in fact, quite the opposite!


Loading speed, a crucial SEO criteria

According to Contentsquare’s 2023 Digital Experience Benchmark, over one-third of internet users experience frustrating situations on the websites they visit, primarily due to extended loading times.

To combat this, Google integrated web performance criteria into its search result ranking algorithms in 2020. Indeed, Core Web Vitals are metrics that measure a webpage’s speed, responsiveness, and visual stability, crucial for evaluating user experience.

Publishers are thus encouraged to provide a smooth experience to maintain strong SEO positions, optimize visibility on the world’s leading search engine, and enhance traffic quality by attracting relevant visitors. A publisher’s long-term content profitability and activity depend on SEO.

Server-side for optimizing revenue AND user experience

The SaaS solution, Nexx360 Programmatic Cloud, offers a server-side service allowing various programmatic players to exchange profitably, efficiently, and effectively. Unlike client-side integration, server-side processing of auction systems is offloaded to specific and optimized servers. This cloud integration reduces bandwidth usage and the number of requests, positively affecting ad loading, user experience, and consequently, SEO and inventory monetization.

“Nexx360 seemed to us the appropriate solution to reconcile the growth of our programmatic CPMs, the maintenance or even optimization of our web performances and the loading time of our pages”

Florian Poulain, Head of Digital Revenue and Monetization, Groupe Sud Ouest

In April 2023, Nexx360 launched AdImpact. This Chrome extension, available for free, provides publishers with various metrics related to header bidding. These metrics include the SSPs called, the requests made, and the identified bandwidth passing through the visitor’s browser. Additionally, a carbon calculator is included to estimate the CO2 impact of this bandwidth, based on the user’s chosen reference framework. Lastly, AdImpact assesses the potential benefits that Nexx360’s server-side configuration can offer to publishers comparing a client-side and a server-side setup.

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