Adrenalead and Nexx360 join forces to enable server-side Web Push notifications monetization

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Adrenalead, a MarTech solution supporting publishers in their audience loyalty and monetization strategy, and Nexx360, a server-side programmatic platform have teamed up to provide publishers with optimized access to programmatic chain players for monetizing their inventories through ‘Web Push Notifications’.

Adrenalead offers a monetization solution through its innovative format to numerous European publishers within its network. This format, called ‘Web Push Notification’ allows the retrieval of contact points with website visitors and retargets them in real-time, directly on mobile or desktop, even when they are not actively browsing the web. It is composed of an image, a title, a personalized message, a logo and a call-to-action.

Nexx360’s infrastructure enabled easy connections of the offer to all programmatic chain partners and the commercialization of ad inventory server-side. Unlike client-side header bidding, server-side allows the competition of a large number of Sell-Side Platforms (SSP) without latency effects.

Adrenalead and Nexx360 have collaborated on implementing an innovative strategy in the programmatic market, combining their respective strengths. Ultimately, Adrenalead expands opportunities to sell its inventory of over 50 million Web Push users at the best price to a broader audience. For Nexx360, this partnership is an opportunity to offer unique inventory, in an innovative and cookieless format, to programmatic platforms in the market.

“Our programmatic cloud offers numerous benefits to publishers and sell-side partners: yield optimization, UX preservation, web performance, as well as transparency, privacy, and intuitive use. We were able to quickly develop a customized environment for Adrenalead, operating in a non-Javascript environment. Our teams demonstrate another one of our strengths: our agility to respond quickly to the specific needs of our clients.”

 André Baden Semper, co-founder of Nexx360

“We are thrilled about this partnership with Nexx360. Our synergies open up new perspectives, both in the programmatic and Web Push Notification markets. This partnership ultimately leads to better monetization of available Web Push inventories for our publisher partners”

Edouard Ducray, CEO, and co-founder of Adrenalead

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