Mind Media : 5 ways adtech companies can reduce their carbon footprint

Reading time : 2 minutes

According to IAB Europe, “an online advertising campaign emits an average of 5.4 tons of CO2”, which is why it is now essential to consider carbon footprint optimization as a key strategy for these companies. Mind Media takes this opportunity to highlight the various levers that can be activated in the adtech sector to reduce their carbon footprint and increase their profitability.

One of these levers is the reduction of client-side requests. As André Baden-Semper, CEO and co-founder of Nexx360, which offers a server-side solution for publishers, points out, publishers win by adopting server-side header bidding to save the energy consumed by energy-intensive client-side auctions. He claims that this optimization could reduce bandwidth consumption for header bidding requests when opening a page by 20 to 50 times, improving site performance while reducing its carbon footprint.

We invite you to read Paul ROY’s article to discover all the levers and André’s testimonial in its entirety.

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